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Billy and Gillian Plenderleith are local to the 3 Towns Area (Ardrossan, Saltcoats & Stevenston) in Ayrshire; Billy was born and raised in Stevenston and Gillian in Ardrossan. Billy and Gillian have always had a keen interest in animals; from growing up with the family dogs and other pets including hamsters, budgies, guinea pigs and rabbits, to other hobbies including keeping tropical fish for Billy and horse-riding for Gillian.


In 1980, Billy gained a keen interest in working with dogs when he went along with Lance, his first yellow Labrador dog, to a nearby dog obedience training club. Billy was determined to be a responsible dog owner and wanted to have a pet that he could take anywhere even then. He and Lance learned together and Billy was hooked.


Following the addition of Sam and Clairey, two Golden Retrievers, Billy did well in Competitive Obedience, dabbled in Fun Agility and tried his hand at Showing. Whilst he enjoyed all these activities, Billy was introduced to gun dog work; this is where his real enthusiasm lay. Billy moved on to win awards in Working Gun Dog Tests and Field Trials with a variety of his dogs. Billy was also invited to be part of the representative team for The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland with both Sam and Clairey; a great honour.


Billy and dogs


Billy's training methods and knowledge developed with every dog that he had the pleasure of owning, but his intrinsic understanding of canine communication played an enormous part in his training. Billy developed a form of training that works, based firmly on the premise that no matter what the goal, task in hand or problem might be - communication and understanding are essential keys. This practical, hands-on-approach knowledge and success with his own dogs meant that he was approached by a local vet nurse to help her start up a local training club in Ardrossan; Billy agreed.


This is where Billy and Gillian first met. Gillian was attending the class with her yellow Labrador bitch, Honey. The two married some five years later and have just celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Their 17 year old daughter, Gayle has grown up with dogs and dog training; her first words were not Mum and Dad, but Heel, Sit and No!


Unfortunately, Billy was made redundant from ICI, along with many others, in 1992. He took up a temporary post with a contractor based in Hunterston Power Station. During this transition, Billy had time to help out a variety of friends, not only with new dogs, but with progressing their dog's training or addressing problems they were encountering. Billy and Gillian had talked long and weary about retiring in the future and being able to enjoy doing more work with dogs at that time. However, the number of people seeking his assistance increased so much, they decided to take the plunge and start up their own business.


Ashdale Dog Training as it is today came to life in 1994. Personal recommendations and word of mouth marketing have been instrumental in securing Ashdale Dog Training's reputation and success; Billy's instinctive-driven, purely positive training methods have enabled thousands of dog owners to train and communicate effectively with their dogs over the years.


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