Ashdale Dog Training


My wife and I bought a labrador retriever and took him along to a local puppy class. Things went well but we wanted some one to one training from a specialist. The breeder recommended Billy. We met up and had a chat about what we wanted from our new pet - the usual things - walking to heel, coming back when commanded, sitting when instructed. As a bonus we said we would like to walk him anywhere off the lead!! That last one was a pipe dream. Or so we thought.


Happy Clients


Within weeks, Rhum was walking to heel, sitting on a hand command and returning when instructed. We then moved on to whistle work. Again, Rhum responded to the training. The final piece in the jigsaw was the walking and playing off the lead. And Billy the Magician delivered. Rhum, at the ripe old age of one and a half, was walking everywhere off the lead - Sauchiehall Street, Ayr Town Centre, across Edinburgh to Granton Beach. We can't thank Billy enough. We've got a wonderfully natured pet that wants to please and enjoys life to the full, while being trained to an unbelievable level.


Lorne and Christine