Ashdale Dog Training


Ashdale Dog Training is a fully insured, professional and established business that offers a broad range of services and support to dog owners. With a combined experience of almost 60 years, our training method has evolved using this breadth of experience and forming a positive base to teach owners how to train their dogs. We only use kind, reward training methods.


A few fundamental elements of our training are:

  • body language
  • vocal tone
  • positive play

We teach you how to communicate with your dog! Our training is not about stifling a dog's character; it will equip you with confident control and communication whilst allowing your dog to flourish and develop their personality. Our training will also give you clear insight into your dog’s character, allowing you the opportunity to learn how your dog is likely to respond to or cope with a variety of situations.


It is our view that if you own three dogs, you will most likely need to alter your approach to training for each one, as each dog's individual outlook affects how they learn and therefore how you can train them. Training starts off as short, energetic and positive games, with treats and praise galore. These short exercises then cluster together and transfer to practical solutions to particular areas of training.


Learn how to:

  • avoid confusion through clear, concise communication
  • avoid having to correct behaviour by setting positive ground rules before commencing any training programme
  • avoid rewarding unacceptable/unwanted behaviour


Please note: We do not permit or condone the use of any form of punitive training aids or methods, eg. choke chains, pinch collars, electric collars, etc.