Ashdale Dog Training


Puppy Consultations

  • Start off on the right foot with your new addition!
  • Ideal for first time dog owners
  • Learn how to best settle your pet
  • Set the right ground rules
  • Find out how to avoid pitfalls and bad habits before they start

Consultation service is available to help guide you towards sourcing a reputable breeder, as well as help you to identify which breed of dog would fit well into your and your family's life and how to choose your puppy from the litter.


Individual Training - Practical Domestic Obedience

The most useful training possible! This type of training covers a gambit of practical needs including:

  • Boundaries of Behaviour – the ground rules of responsible dog ownership
  • Entering and Leaving: House/Car/Kennel
  • Heelwork
  • Recall
  • Retrieving
  • Socialisation/Meet & Greet
  • Stays


Specific Owner-identified Training

This training is useful if you or your family have a specific need that falls out-with general practical obedience training. A practical training plan will be tailored to meet your identified need, although it must be borne in mind that some foundation of obedience will be woven in to accomplish the training need.


Remedial Behavioural Consultation followed by Practical Progressive Training

This is not a service that produces a written report for you to work from on your own but it is PRACTICAL TRAINING to address a broad range of problem areas, including but not restricted to those shown below:

  • Aggression: Dominant/Dog/People/Possessive/Nervous
  • Anxiety: Separation/Travel/Socialisation
  • Bolting
  • Destruction
  • Excessive Barking/Jumping
  • Jealousy
  • Phobias
  • Rescue Dog Re-homing Support

The issues above usually require practical input over time to work towards a resolution. Elements of practical domestic obedience are interwoven to remedial training to instil lines of communication to provide a positive learning environment for your dog, as well as teaching you how to lead confidently.


Gun Dog Training

  • Puppy, Juvenile and Advanced Level
    Individual and Group Sessions encompassing all forms of Gun Dog Work including Non-slip Retriever, Spaniel, HPR, Picking up/Beating, Rough Shooting
  • Remedial Training
    Practical training and guidance towards resolving problem areas – for gun dogs at all levels

Consultation service is available to help support and assist you in sourcing the ideal puppy to meet your needs.


Class & Small Group Sessions – Practical Domestic Obedience

** Class and group numbers capped to maximise progress and participation ** Indoor and Outdoor available Block bookings of four planned sessions covering practical domestic obedience.


Other services and activities:

  • Fun Agility – individual and small group sessions that won’t undo the work done on Practical Domestic Obedience
  • Informative Seminars and Presentations
  • Gun Dog Displays
  • Charity & Educational Support Activities: e.g., Sponsored Walks, Talks and Displays to Schools and Charity Groups